Tuesday, July 27, 2010


If you're looking for something to do on Wednesdays, head to
Con Artist on Ludlow for their Gallery Nights. Open 8 till late! It's actually a vintage store that has a good size back room utilized to feature different Artists weekly. (side note: we found Valentino & Givenchy ties for $40 & $55 - holler)
Chris Mendoza's Retrospective is the main event this week and we have had the pleasure of meeting him! We stopped into Con Artist last week for his debut and we LOVE his work. The man is seriously talented and famous his precise etch work. When asked how he gets is lines so perfectly fine, he replies "Sometimes I use a Metro Card". We tried to get an up close image of the detail but the iPhone only zooms in so far and you're just going to have to check it out for yourself.

Chris draws his inspiration from his Mayan and Spanish heritage and projects it through a Street Graffiti voice - his Mayan references are immediately apparent.
(see 4 of 13 in Artworks) His father is an architect, so we can clearly see where he gets his artistic and technical talent from. This piece below is approximately 3 feet x 5 feet (maybe larger) and sells for around $7K. It is, hands down, our favorite. Anyone have an extra few grand they want to give us? We need something to decorate our S&B Run This City office with!

You have to....no, you MUST go see him. The artist that smells of sweet patchouli and has a great sense of humor is waiting for you tomorrow night with a cash bar (a little B.Y.O.B.) and some hot DJ's beats by Rage Johnson. Put this on your To-Do list ASAP.


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